Bitcoins: regulators recall risks

The bitcoin marketing project at the tobacconists has caused the AMF, the Banque de France and the ACPR to react, recalling the risks and the lack of a regulated market for this speculative asset. investissement défiscalisant
In mid-November 2018, Keplerk, a site specializing in the exchange of bitcoins, announced its plan to offer tobacconists, from January 2019, a service of buying and selling bitcoins (or ethereum, another crypto- active) thanks to a charging ticket device via the Bimedia payment software used in the tobacconists followed by a registration on a Smartphone application. This announcement has caused an uproar on social networks including some CGP for example indignant that the tobacconists can sell bitcoins without CIF status. comment défiscaliser en immobilier
A gray area
In a statement of Monday, November 26, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the Bank of France and the Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACPR) reacted: the three authorities “recall the risks associated with an investment in these speculative assets, which are not well adapted to unsophisticated retail investor profiles “, and points out that buying and selling or investing in bitcoins” is currently being carried out outside any regulated market “, ie a gray area neither prohibited nor regulated.
The authorities detail the reality of bitcoin: this asset “sometimes mistakenly called” currency “virtual or” cryptocurrency “(..) is traded online and is not materialized by any coin or ticket. It does not benefit from a legal tender unlike the currencies issued by central banks. Its very high volatility is proven and there are also risks of hacking bitcoin portfolios. “
The prices of bitcoins in free fall
They also recall that the company Paysafebit SASU created in January 2018 and which uses the trade name Keplerk, “has no authorization or approval by a French or foreign authority, is not likely to provide any guarantee to customers And what is more “should not be confusing with companies approved in France such as Kepler Cheuvreux or Kepler Capital Markets which have no connection with this activity”.
The AMF and the ACPR are only reiterating a first severe warning last year when bitcoin was on the rise. Remember that bitcoin, the price of which had gone almost a year ago in December 2017 to almost $ 20,000, has since fallen sharply: it has fallen back to about $ 4,000 in the last few days.
Carole Mole-Genlis
The National Assembly, however, adopted in early November an amendment to the PLF 2019 to align the taxation of gains made on the sale of crypto-assets such as bitcoin on the taxation of capital income, namely the single flat-rate levy (PFU). ) 30%, like all movable capital income.

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